Saturday race – Chili Bowl Classic 5K

I woke up this morning to snow and a lingering head cold. Two things you don’t want to have to deal with on race day. I sucked it up and shoveled the snow before heading out to Cleveland.

As usual the streets of Cleveland were a sloppy mess, but the heavy snow was holding off until later. At the starting line I couldn’t get my TomTom GPS to start, but luckily I had the Fitbit Surge fired up and ready to go. The TomTom did kick in about .2 miles into the race. I just smiled and kept running. I started near the back of the pack so it was all about passing people today and keeping my feet dry. I was keeping a good pace and was ready to pass some people on the hills around FirstEnergy Stadium. I’ve run this course a lot so I know where I can rest and where I have to push.

I didn’t think I’d have it in me to get into the 8 minute miles today, but I was wrong. I finished at 26:38 with an 8:35 average. That was good enough for 22nd in my age group out of 39 and 168th overall out of 605.

Today is an example of a day where I can look back on all those hours in the gym and training runs and be thankful. I’ve put in the hard work and it truly made todays run easier.

Decide to dominate!


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