I didn’t realize how big I was…

One of the great things about this fitness journey is having people support me by saying I’m looking better. It feels good when people say that they can tell a real difference. The truth is it took me a long time to really notice.

The first few pounds, or in my case 20 lbs, I couldn’t personally see a difference. You’d think 20 lbs off of anyone would be significant, but I still looked the same. I felt better, but I still thought I looked the same. When I really started to feel like I was looking different was when I hit 40 lbs. I could say at that point things were looking different to me. After the first 40 the next 30 lbs were a huge adjustment as it seemed like I was constantly getting suits adjusted and new shirts.

Now when I see myself I still think I look the same. There seems to be something inside that says I like who I am and I’ve always had that no matter my size. I’ve always been happy with who I am, something I know others personally struggle with. Yesterday I was looking through a photo album that sits outside of my two sons rooms. I came across some photos from 8 years ago…you can guess what is coming next. The photo in this post is of me 8 years ago and me yesterday morning before I worked out. I can now say I look different, but the significance of how I found the photo sitting in an album outside my sons rooms when I was tucking them into bed is what truly hit me. If I’d have stayed on that path I was on I wouldn’t have been here and able to say, “I love you and I’ll see you in the morning” to my boys and wife.

We are all different. I don’t ask anyone to be like me. I like to inspire others, but it is their choice if they’d like to change something about themselves. We all have demons inside and in my case outside also. I chose to fight not just for me but for those loved ones around me. My work is not done…I’ve changed my focus on this journey from just getting out of bed to competing in races. If I can do this anyone can, but only if you really want to. It will take time, but I guarantee if you stay on the path you set you’ll find a day where an old picture pops up and you’ll say…wow, I look different.

Decide to dominate!


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