Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sunday run – Epic

Lots of sunshine roped me in to hitting the pavement this morning. It was chilly, but I didn’t really notice once I got rolling. I went for distance today and logged 10 miles with a 9:49 pace. I was focused on distance and not speed as I went out my hilly route…ouch. 

When I got home I checked out my stats on Strava. First time I’ve ever logged an “Epic” Suffer Score. Between the hills, distance and me pushing it a bit I earned that Epic score. 

Decide to dominate!


Saturday race – 2015 Outrun Hunger 5K

Today’s event was the second annual Outrun Hunger 5K. I did the first one last year and the weather was pretty much the same…bitter cold and windy. The one bright spot in the weather today was no ice like last year…so slightly better conditions. 

I finished 9th in my age group and 42nd overall out of 200. I managed an 8:37 average, which was improved from last year (8:59). I’m still on track for my goal to best my times in the same events year over year. 

One big difference in this years event was that I forgot my headphones. I thought it was going to throw me off, but it felt nice to just listen to others run. Made me feel good knowing I wasn’t the only one breathing hard going up the climb at Edgewater Park 🙂 

Decide to dominate!


Saturday race – 35th Annual St. Malachi Church Run

Year two of my running journey and now I’m running some of the same races as last year. It’s a great barometer check to see if I’m improving. The answer is yes. 

I was faster in every segment today and my heart beat per minute was way better than last year. I’m running more efficient and my averages are going down. All around happy with the run today.

I finished 92 out of 157 in my age group (8:53 average). I was 826 out of 2,249 overall. I do wonder where I’d be if I started this health journey sooner. No matter…I’m here now and the run today was not too shabby!

Decide to dominate!