Bucket List – Towpath Half Marathon

I can now check a half marathon off my bucket list. While I’ve run 13.1 miles just to do it on a Sunday last year, I never ran an organized half with others…until today. 

I wanted to break 2 hours, but I realized that would mean I’d have to average 9:05 for 13.1 and that wasn’t going to happen. I decided to focus on keeping my average under 10 minutes. I got my goal by going 9:47 which put me in at 2:09. Do I think I can get under 2 hours…yes. I didn’t want to ruin my first half going for a goal I wasn’t ready for. 

I finished 22 out of 30 in my age group…realizing a lot of these people in my age group love long runs with some of these times they posted. Finished 295 out of 495 overall. I’m very happy with my first half. 

It was inspiring talking to runners at the beginning and end of the run who had similar journeys to mine. It makes you realize how so many people have turned to walking and running to lose weight.

Amazing day with amazing stories. Check that half off the bucket list.

Decide to dominate!


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