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It’s official…we have a winner in the war for my wrist

I wrote in a previous blog about my use of multiple devices that reside on my wrist to track multiple things. I noted that one was close to winning my wrist and that was the Fitbit Surge, but they wouldn’t get that award until they linked with Strava and tracked my cycling. Well…Fitbit has done it. They gave me cycling tracking and earlier this month linked to Strava.

I tested going with one watch all week. I ran a total of 5 times for 20 miles (including one race) and got in a 20 mile ride today. The Fitbit Surge gets a solid A in my book. I get all my usual metrics like steps and stairs (which are a must), but now I don’t have to throw on a new device to get everything else. The first sync with Strava had a hiccup after my first run, but once I connected again everything ran smoothly. All I have to do is open the Fitbit app after working out and the sync takes care of everything. It’s fast and accurate linking with Strava.

The cycling today worked very well. I got 20 miles in and the stats were dead on. I liked being able to swipe and see all my stats easily while riding (same with running). Again, the sync after riding was easy and everything happened when I entered the app.

Three things I’d like to see improved. When running I like getting alerts when I hit my mile marks with my average. The Surge doesn’t do this and the lap function won’t work for me as I’m not going to hit the button on every mile. Overall not a big issue as I can swipe to average. Just would be a nice add down the road. My biggest concern is battery life when using GPS. This is an issue with all the watches as they will only last so long. With a full battery both times I did a run and a ride. After an hour the battery was at 50%. For training this is fine, but I’m concerned what will happen during a half marathon or a duathlon. I’ll have to test during training to see how far I can push it. The last thing would be making it waterproof. I’m not a big swimmer, yet, but I see the day coming where I’ll be in the water more.

In my book the Surge wins for what I need right now. I still love my TomTom, but it is now sitting on my desk as a solid backup because I never have to take my Fitbit Surge off…other than to charge it.

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Saturday race – Avon Eagle 5 Mile Run

I took my skills over to Avon to see how I’d fair running through the local subdivisions. It was a perfect morning to run as it was in the low 50’s with lots of sunshine. I trained hard all week so I was looking for a time in the 8’s.

I started quick and steadily gave time back as the miles went on. I didn’t give too much back and ended up with an 8:34 average and an overall time of 42:42.9. I was very happy with the run. I felt a couple of times I could have turned it up, but I held back. I trained all week to run in the 8’s and I was there so I held the pace. I finished 15 out of 23 in my age group and 101 out of 214 overall.

Now to start training for the 10 miler I’m running in June…back to the Towpath to have some fun in a few weeks.

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Place Name City Bib No Age Overall Chip Time Gun Time Pace
15 Trevor Loe Avon Lake OH 3744 43 101 42:49.9 42:58.3 8:34/M

IMG_9007    IMG_9009

Sunday run – I ain’t complaining 

After all the runs in negative temps this year I can’t complain about 70 degrees and humidity in the high 90%’s. It still was pretty messy. 

I needed 6.2 miles to keep up my 20 mile average for the week. I knew with the quick 5K yesterday and the weather I needed to find a good pace. I settled in around 9:45 and just kept it going. I finished with a 9:48 average. 

I decided to cool down at the Y on the indoor track before hitting the weights. Getting it all in early today. Very happy with the effort in these conditions…the shower later will feel good. 

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Saturday race – Hyland 5K

It’s the second year in a row for me to run the Hyland 5K (Hy-5) in Westlake. It’s great to look at your stats from the prior year before the race to figure out what you need to do to beat last years time. Last year I hit one of my best 5Ks at the Hy-5 with a 25:44.4 time.  I wasn’t expecting too much out of today as it was 70 degrees and 98% humidity at 9 am…ouch.

I had a bit of a moment this morning when lining up at the start line. They had the pacers with the average times. For the first time ever I lined up behind the 8 minute mile pacer…I looked back and saw pacers all the way back to 12 minutes. I almost lost it thinking how far I’ve come and not that long ago I’d be lining up closer to the back than the front.

I pushed it hard in the first mile and was averaging 8:06 at the mile mark. I knew I couldn’t keep the pace with the humidity, but decided to leave it all on the pavement. I finished in 25:33.6, which was better than last year.  I came in with an 8:10 average which earned me 12th in my age group and 131st overall (out of 601).

I didn’t think I could do this today, but my training paid off and I was able to push through the heat and humidity to score a great time.

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Saturday run and ride –  doing double duty

I was looking into the Huntington Duathlon this morning…I got out of bed and off I went. I took it easy on the run as it was warm and my legs were a bit tight from an afternoon run the day before. I had a good amount left in the tank for the ride and instead of keeping it short I went my normal 20 mile loop.

Overall I was very happy with my results this morning in doing a double. I’m going to target doing this local duathlon so I can keep focused on running and riding together. The format is a 5K run / 12 mile ride / 5K run. I already know I can run then ride…the question is can I run again after the ride. I’m up for the challenge!

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Tuesday run – New York

Good run after a rest day. I love this route along the Hudson. Something about running towards the Statue of Liberty gets the heart pumping.

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