Saturday race – Hyland 5K

It’s the second year in a row for me to run the Hyland 5K (Hy-5) in Westlake. It’s great to look at your stats from the prior year before the race to figure out what you need to do to beat last years time. Last year I hit one of my best 5Ks at the Hy-5 with a 25:44.4 time.  I wasn’t expecting too much out of today as it was 70 degrees and 98% humidity at 9 am…ouch.

I had a bit of a moment this morning when lining up at the start line. They had the pacers with the average times. For the first time ever I lined up behind the 8 minute mile pacer…I looked back and saw pacers all the way back to 12 minutes. I almost lost it thinking how far I’ve come and not that long ago I’d be lining up closer to the back than the front.

I pushed it hard in the first mile and was averaging 8:06 at the mile mark. I knew I couldn’t keep the pace with the humidity, but decided to leave it all on the pavement. I finished in 25:33.6, which was better than last year.  I came in with an 8:10 average which earned me 12th in my age group and 131st overall (out of 601).

I didn’t think I could do this today, but my training paid off and I was able to push through the heat and humidity to score a great time.

Decide to dominate!


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