Race – Midtown Cleveland HealthLine Classic 10K

I’ve been training hard to get ready for this 10K. I wanted to beat my previous pace in this event. Last year was one of the worst days with weather, but one of my better times. I knew I’d have to go out quick…so I went for it. 

I finished in 53:22 with a 8:36 average. I was able to get 4th in my age group and 41st overall out of 122.

I had to push it over than final 5K as I had a slower end to the first 5K from going out too fast. I finished 12 seconds faster than last year. It felt great to beat last years time. I initially thought I was 10 seconds slower, but when the official times came out I was faster. 

Now I need to focus on getting to the next level. The 2nd and 3rd place finishers each averaged 7:07. No way I can get there without dropping more pounds…so that is what I’ll focus on. Time to get a bit lighter in order to get a lot faster. 

Decide to dominate!


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