Monthly Archives: October 2015

Saturday run – Cleveland Browns 5K

I always enjoy running in downtown Cleveland. It’s even better when you can run with a bunch of dire hard Browns fans. 

I got a slow start based on there being so many people at the starting line. It didn’t bother me as this is a fun run, self-timed, so I knew I’d be able to make up some time later. I ended with a 8:38 average and a overall time of 26:50. I scored my second fastest mile ever in mile three. 

I felt great and I had a lot left in the tank. I trained hard all week for the distance by running my four mile course and focused on high 8 averages. I knew I would go faster when the barking from the Dawg Pound started. 

Decide to dominate!


Sunday run – rolling with it

Headed out to Days Dam to test myself in the rolling terrain. Amazing morning for a run and my legs didn’t disappoint. 

After yesterday’s fast five I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I wouldn’t be as quick in the rollers. I ended up with three personal records and an average of 9:08…shaving 30 seconds off my average for this course. Very happy with a 47 minute five miler through the park on a beautiful Fall morning. 

Decide to dominate!


Saturday run – fast five 

Maybe there’s something to this rest and cross training thing. I’m feeling stronger and faster than any other time I’ve run. I’ve been averaging 7 hours of sleep a night and working in rest days. On rest days I’ve been focusing on core and upper body…seems to be paying off. 

I went out strong today and got quicker by the mile. I ran my 5 mile training course and finished with a personal record by averaging 8:43 for a 43:55 five miler…boom!

Decide to dominate!