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Thursday race – 2015 Cleveland Turkey Trot

Second time running the Cleveland Turkey Trot. This year the weather was amazing compared to last year. 52 degrees vs 32 degrees…big difference. Unfortunately not much difference in my time, but I’m good with that as I was only shooting for an under 9 minute average today as I’ve been fighting a head cold all week.

There were over 4,000 people so the start was slow. I had to stop twice to tie the same shoe in the first mile…yes, really. I got a cramp in my calf in mile two and worked through it. Mile three brought me trying to open as many vents as possible on my shirt as I was overheating. The last two miles I finally found my groove. I finished in 44:25 officially with 8:53 average. 83 out of 176 in my age group and 1,694 overall out of 4,224 total. I’ll take it.

It wasn’t the race I projected prior with all the things that happened, but I’m very happy with the outcome. Once again my training saved me from disaster…just have to remember to use double knots!

Decide to dominate!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday run – finished week strong 

I got out of bed and was surprised by the morning temperature. It was 34 degrees and felt like 27. I dug out the colder gear and hit the road. 

I saw a fair amount of people doing the same thing as me. While colder we still had a ton of sunshine so it made it feel a bit warmer. 

I went for another 10K at a bit slower pace and focused on recovery. I finished with a 9:12 average. I ended the week with 37.4 miles (all 10Ks) the most I’ve done in one week in a long time. 

I’m sitting on 985 miles for the year so I’m going to blow past the 1,000 mile mark next week pretty easily. I’d say I hope the weather cooperates, but I run all year long anyway. I just have to wear a few more layers over the next few months. 

Decide to dominate! 

Saturday run – new kicks + 10Ks

I stopped at Fleet Feet in Westlake this morning. I walked in to get some fuel. I walked out with shoes, clothes and a free registration to the Turkey Trot

Amazing customer service by Andi this morning. In a few short minutes after trying on one pair of Brooks she realized I was looking for something more. She found out I like distance and got me into a pair of Adrenaline’s from Brooks. They felt great in the store so I headed home to try them on the pavement. 

Yesterday was a rest day after 4 straight mornings of 10Ks this week. I decided to run another 10K and test the shoes. It was my fastest 10K of the week and second fastest 10K ever. The shoes felt just as good on the road as they did in the store. 

I’m closing in on 1,000 miles running for the year. I should hit it next week and I’ll do it even quicker in my new kicks. 

Decide to dominate!

PS…I did also get my fuel at Fleet Feet, which is what I walked in for.