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Final Stats of 2015 – Decide to Dominate!

I didn’t run today. I decided to give my running legs a bit of a rest to prepare for 2016. I hit the gym and did my FitStar circuit along with the elliptical. One of my goals for 2016 will be to become a stronger runner and that means strength training. 

My goals for 2015 were simple as I wanted to focus on building on a solid 2014. My goals were…

  • Log 1,000 miles running and 1,000 riding – I hit it again in both sports this year. I ended my running season with 1,159 miles and my riding season was at 1,194. I did one of the two sports 300 days this year…so 82% of the time I was on the move. My overall distance was down this year, but I’m okay with that. In 2016 I’m going for 1,500 miles in each sport.
  • Participate in my first organized half marathon – knocked this one out in the spring by running the Tow Path Half. I was able to get it done in 2:09. My goal for 2016 is to run three half marathons and break the 2:00 mark. 
  • Join a running club – this one took me most of the year, but I found my club. I joined the Cleveland West Road Runners in the Fall and went on my first group runs in November and December. Going to stick with this club in 2016 so that goal is already met. 

I found a few more body parts to stress, twist and injure this year. Nothing that a bit more rest didn’t fix. Looking forward to an amazing 2016…it’s been a very good 2015

Decide to dominate!

Sunday run – Cleveland West Road Runners

I got up this morning and decided to run with the club I joined about three months ago. I haven’t gotten out with the Cleveland West Road Runners for one reason or another, but 63 degrees in December drew me out of hiding.

I’ve very rarely run with people…usually just against them. I signed up for the club as I wanted to meet people that liked to run and to push myself to get better. I can become a lazy runner and just find a nice pace. I thought running with others would change that. I believe my thinking is right after this morning.

As soon as I showed up the group welcomed me and wanted to know about me and my goals. My goals have mostly been around running to lose weight or stay healthy. Those are good goals, but I want to do more. I realized this morning I need to focus on my stretch goals more. I know I want to do more half marathons (I just haven’t) so that will be the focus for 2016.

There were a handful of us today. We went out as a group with some running and others walking. After about a half mile we broke up into groups and laid down the miles. I logged 5 miles at a 9:26 pace. Pretty good pace for me for the first time out with a group. I’m comfortable around a 8:45 – 9:15 pace, but a slower start and some hills made me just fine with 9:26.

It only took one run with the group to say I’m hooked. I met a great group of people this morning. The bagels and conversation after were an added benefit. I’m looking forward to running and also learning from others so I can hit some of these stretch goals.

Decide to dominate!