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Run Day 54 – The Day After

After falling on the ice yesterday I didn’t know what to expect from my leg today.  I was barely able to walk up and down stairs last night without a fair amount of pain. I iced my leg a number of times and focused on compression when I didn’t have the ice pack in hand. I woke up feeling better, but still a bit sore. I jumped on the treadmill to walk a few miles and see how my leg was going to hold up. Other than the nice bruise that’s developing…my leg loosened up so I decided to head out on a late morning run.

Maybe I should use ice and compression more as I put in my second fastest five miler ever. I knocked it out with an 8:43 pace and that was with a pretty stiff wind for more than half the run. I was able to attain negative splits the full run starting out slow with 9:18 and ending with an 8:17 final mile. Clearly I’m not going to be looking to fall again, but wow did my legs feel good today.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 53

I fell on ice in the first mile. Picked myself up, brushed off the snow and ran on. I’m going to have a nice big bruise on my knee. I took it slow the rest of the way as there was a thin sheet of ice everywhere. No speed today…I lived to run another day.

The Fitbit Blaze did very well on its maiden voyage. I didn’t have an issue with the GPS running off my iPhone as I run with my phone in my Spibelt. I did have to update the Fitbit location settings to Always before the run, but no big deal. The screen was easy to read and scroll through during the run. Accuracy was good as my mile markers were dead on along with the overall distance. I hadn’t used the music settings on the Surge, but did today on the Blaze. They were very easy to access and use.

Today was the first day I ran with one watch in a long time. A bit early to be 100% sure, but the Blaze might have just pushed all my other tracking devices a bit further back in the drawer.

Decide to dominate!

My Fitbit Blaze Has Arrived

The moment I heard about the Blaze I ordered it. I’m a Fitbit addict. I already have the Surge, but a few things caught my eye during the launch…

  • Color screen
  • Thinner face
  • Alternate bands
  • Calendar alerts

Those were enough for me to take the plunge for the upgrade. Critics have said that’s not enough and it’s not a true smart watch because you can’t access apps…as a runner I believe this is enough for me.

So far I like the upgrades. Accessing things like notifications and music is easier. The responsive screen is nice…with just a flip of the wrist it turns on. I’m looking forward to testing the battery length as the longer charge will be nice.

I’ll put it through the paces tomorrow to see how it holds up on a run. I’ll let you know what I think after, but so far I’m liking the Blaze.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 42 – T(Loe)minus 8

I’ve been running on the treadmill all week and I finally had to get out on the road. It was 1 degree with a feel like temp of -8 so I threw on the Winter gear and headed out the door.

The first couple of miles were bitter cold. I got warmed up in mile three and felt much better the rest of the run. I kept to the major roads as most sidewalks weren’t cleared. Even though I had the Gore-Tex Brooks on I didn’t feel like slipping and sliding in the snow.

Overall a good run, especially when you factor in about 5 pounds of extra gear to keep me warm. I just took it slow and enjoyed the sunshine (even though I couldn’t feel it).

Decide to dominate!


Run Day 35 – Lucky Number 7

I warmed up this morning on the treadmill before heading out. I wanted to give it a bit more time to warm up. I knew I was going to at least do a 10K as that’s what was on tap for the day.

I ended up going 7 miles as I was feeling good at a nice easy pace. The wind was tough along the back stretch and heading in, but I just kept pushing and finished well. I end with a 9:23 average, a bit above my half target pace. I’m happy with the run as I didn’t plan on going out hard. The extra mile was worth it at the end…to get to lucky number 7 (since it is the 7th of Februray…I’m not doing 8 tomorrow). 

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 33 – Got My Legs Back

I spent Monday morning cross-training and doing a ton of lunges.  The program felt great and I was feeling good after.  The next three days were brutal.  I even did a slow jog yesterday just to keep my legs moving because I couldn’t get a full stride based on my hamstrings being stiff.

Things changed this morning when I threw on the Under Armour and ventured outside.  It was chilly, but I could feel the giddy-up was back in my legs.  I started out around a 9:15 pace for the first two miles and picked it up in the last three to finish with a 9:04 pace.  I was happy as my legs felt great and I was able to shake off a couple of bad runs this week.

I’ll keep doing lunges, but maybe I won’t do 100 in one set again.  Like everything even lunges need to have some moderation to them.

Decide to dominate!