My Fitbit Blaze Has Arrived

The moment I heard about the Blaze I ordered it. I’m a Fitbit addict. I already have the Surge, but a few things caught my eye during the launch…

  • Color screen
  • Thinner face
  • Alternate bands
  • Calendar alerts

Those were enough for me to take the plunge for the upgrade. Critics have said that’s not enough and it’s not a true smart watch because you can’t access apps…as a runner I believe this is enough for me.

So far I like the upgrades. Accessing things like notifications and music is easier. The responsive screen is nice…with just a flip of the wrist it turns on. I’m looking forward to testing the battery length as the longer charge will be nice.

I’ll put it through the paces tomorrow to see how it holds up on a run. I’ll let you know what I think after, but so far I’m liking the Blaze.

Decide to dominate!

One response to “My Fitbit Blaze Has Arrived

  1. I have the fitbit charge HR and I’m completely obsessed with it. The blaze looks so fresh and clean and I can’t believe how clear the screen is! Have fun!

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