Run Day 65 / Ride Day 1 – Fitbit Blaze Passes The Test

I couldn’t have asked for a better March morning to pound the pavement for a race. I watched my training closely this week. I built in a cross training day on Monday with no running. Then I ran three days and rested on Friday. I felt fresh this morning and was ready to run.

I finished the St Malachi Church Run with an 8:45 average for 5 miles. I was 87 out of 160 in my age group and for the second year in a row faster than the year before. The Fitbit Blaze did very well for its first race and it was alone on my arms with no backup watch. It’s been a long time since I’ve raced with just one watch.

I topped off the day with my first ride of the season. I thought it was warmer than it really was, but the wind out of the North was deceiving. I didn’t dress correctly so I only clipped off 12 miles. I was a bit slower with a 16.4 mph, but not complaining for my first ride. Again, the Fitbit Blaze did very well. I rode with only the Blaze and no Cateye or TomTom. I noticed it took the Blaze a few seconds to get up to the correct speed…it seems to build up to your speed, but it wasn’t a big deal once I got used to it.

A good day for the Blaze…and for me.

Decide to dominate!

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