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Run Day 98 – Love-A-Stray 5K

I finished out my running weekend with a 5K for the dogs. I wasn’t sure how much I’d have left in my legs after the 10 miler yesterday. The announcer said go and I went.

This is a nice easy course in the Kopf Family Reservation. No hills to worry about and lots of trees to run through. I was able to muster up a pretty good time by hitting an 8:40 average. Not too shabby for coming off of running like a god the day before.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 97 – Cleveland 10 Miler

I went with a new race strategy today. I decided I would start slow and pick it up along the way. On longer runs I usually just start out as fast as possible and see what will happen.  Well the new strategy worked. This was the second year I ran the Cleveland 10 Miler and I was able to cut my average down to 9:14 from 9:21 last year. I felt great in the second 5 miles and kicked up the pace near the end. My last two miles were 8:51 and 8:39 averages. I remember struggling last year in the last two miles and hanging on just hoping not to blowup near the finish.

I was very happy with the pace because it was at my half marathon goal pace of two hours. I guess a little bit of strategy can make a race a whole lot more fun. It was an amazing morning to run like a god.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 92 – Westlake Spring Fever 4 Miler

At some point I’ll learn not to wear too many layers at the start of a race.  I did it again today…I thought I’d be cold, but by mile two I was dying.  I pulled off a running change in mile two, but clearly it slowed me down as that split was a 9:24…the rest were in the 8’s.  After getting rid of the sleeves I got my pace back.  I finished the 4 miler in 33:57 with an 8:29 average.

I could’ve given up today and just slowed way down, but I didn’t.  I’ve learned a lot running, but today wasn’t about what I’ve learned running…it was about my will to be the best me.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 88 – Towpath Spring Half Marathon

My second official half marathon and I finished with the exact same time. At least I’m consistent by going 2:08 again on this course. I did set personal records for my 10 mile and 20K…clearly my last mile+ killed me. Gives me something to work on. The conditions were interesting with the cold and a bit of ice, but it didn’t bother me as I had a blast.

A 2 hour half will happen…guaranteed!

Decide to dominate!