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Surge vs Blaze…

By now everyone knows I’m a Fitbit geek. I flat out love the company and the devices they churn out. I’ve had every model, but found I really liked the Surge best before the Blaze came out. I wrote how the Blaze was everything I needed, but I need to retract that. I’m back to wearing two watches, but not when I run.

I’ve found the Blaze has shortcomings for runners. The first and biggest problem is with the backlight. You can’t set it to stay on when working out so the screen goes dark with nothing displayed. While you might think a quick lift of the arm would bring up the responsive screen, it usually doesn’t. Being most humans run with their arms bent you can’t take a quick glance by turning your arm as it usually doesn’t turn on. There are times I’ve needed to raise it to my eyes while running to get it to kick on…I haven’t fallen yet doing this, but I’m sure it was coming.

The second problem is you can only see overall time and one other stat on the screen when you’re running. Swiping all time time to see distance and heart rate becomes tiring. If they’d just put more stats on the screen or let you set up those you want to see on one screen then it would be a whole lot better.

I’m back to running with my Surge. I actually forgot how much I liked running with this watch. It gives me everything I need and it counts my steps so I can still be a one watch running guy. I love my Blaze and wear it during the day when I’m not pounding the pavement. The Blaze has turned into more of a fashion watch for me, but I wish it wasn’t that way. I’m sure Fitbit will make updates to the Blaze firmware at some point and then maybe I’ll try it for running again (or they’ll come out with a new model). Until something changes I’m sticking with my trusty Surge when I run as it gives me everything I need…and I won’t fall trying to get it to light up as it’s always on.

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