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Sunday = 5K run / 12 mile ride / 5K run

Well…that was interesting. I did a 5K run / 12 mile ride / 5K run this morning. I wanted to see if I could handle it and honestly finish.

The good news is I finished and it wasn’t that hard (other than the spike in the humidity before my final run…given). The bad news is that it took me 1:41.33. It’s only bad as I was reviewing some of the times of last years duathlon that I’m thinking of doing. Let’s just say todays effort fits in nice in the 50-54 age group, but not the 40-44 group that I’m in. In fairness I’m only 9 minutes off of the pace. I know for sure I can shave a few minutes off my ride as I could have done an 18-20 average today. I’m also sure I can shave a few minutes on the first run. It clearly comes down to the final run and what I’d have left in the tank.

After this morning I’ve decided I’m going to do it. Let’s try this duathlon and see how it goes. I’ve got just over two weeks to get all of this figured out, but clearly I know I can finish after this morning. Now it all comes down to lowering some times to be competitive in my age group.

Decide to dominate!

Saturday = Run and Ride

I woke up and opened the weather app on my phone, everything looked good for a run / ride combo. Well, everything except it was 90% humidity, but I’ve come to realize I’m just going to have to get used to that. The legs felt good so I headed out for a back to back workout.

The run was good in that I was able to start out slow then get lower splits in my second and third miles. I blew up in mile three. It took everything I had to push the pace and get back to home base. I ended with a 9:14 average for four miles which for me is average, but felt good to push myself against the humidity.

The legs felt a bit like jelly when I hit the bike. Took it easy and found my pace after the first few miles. When I turned and got the lake on my right shoulder I was ready to go. It didn’t hurt that a cyclist happened to slip by me before I turned so I was able to pace to catch him. He didn’t stay around long as I passed him up a hill and didn’t look back. I was able to push a nice easy pace and ended with a 17.4 mph average for 19.7 miles.

Overall a very good morning for running and riding. Still determining if I’m ready to put my two sports together and try out a duathlon…there’s one coming up in August that’s basically a home course for me as it’s where I run and ride. After this morning I’m leaning towards doing it. Just have to try out running then riding then running again…maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 158 – Bay Days 5 Mile Race

Signed up for the Bay Days 5 Mile Race on Saturday. Figured 5 miles was my normal training run so why not go run it with a few hundred people.

Perfect morning for a run. A tad bit humid, but this time of year that’s expected. I wanted to finish around and 8:45 pace and that’s what I did. I went out fast in the first two miles and then pulled back in miles three and four. My thinking was a big push in mile five. That’s what I did with an 8:28 in the last mile. My chip pace was 8:37 so I was very happy.

Running any day makes it a good day, but achieving your goal makes it even better.

Happy 4th of July!

Decide to dominate!

June Fitness Recap

I was busy in June. I added cycling back into the mix once I got my bike together after the upgrade to Dura-Ace.

I ran 87 miles in June, which is a bit lower than normal months. I rode 384 miles on the bike. Clearly cycling took away from running, but I mixed in some nice two-a-days of running and riding.

I’m focused on getting to 100+ miles a week between running and riding. I like to be in around 20+ miles running and 80-100 miles riding. This mix has been working well for me and I feel some relief on my legs with a bit less pavement pounding.

I’ve also seen my step count go up with all this activity and I’m hovering near 180,000 to 200,000 steps a week. I’ve stopped tracking all my food and ironically my weight is dropping again. Clearly focusing on two sports and eating right is helping shed those pounds. If I could curb my snacking I’d be golden…working on that.

I’m very happy with June and looking forward to a strong July. I might even work in swimming…oh boy. I’m still on track for 1,500 miles running and 1,500 miles riding. I’m a bit behind on riding, but calling it a wash as my miles are going up quickly.

Decide to dominate!