Saturday = Run and Ride

I woke up and opened the weather app on my phone, everything looked good for a run / ride combo. Well, everything except it was 90% humidity, but I’ve come to realize I’m just going to have to get used to that. The legs felt good so I headed out for a back to back workout.

The run was good in that I was able to start out slow then get lower splits in my second and third miles. I blew up in mile three. It took everything I had to push the pace and get back to home base. I ended with a 9:14 average for four miles which for me is average, but felt good to push myself against the humidity.

The legs felt a bit like jelly when I hit the bike. Took it easy and found my pace after the first few miles. When I turned and got the lake on my right shoulder I was ready to go. It didn’t hurt that a cyclist happened to slip by me before I turned so I was able to pace to catch him. He didn’t stay around long as I passed him up a hill and didn’t look back. I was able to push a nice easy pace and ended with a 17.4 mph average for 19.7 miles.

Overall a very good morning for running and riding. Still determining if I’m ready to put my two sports together and try out a duathlon…there’s one coming up in August that’s basically a home course for me as it’s where I run and ride. After this morning I’m leaning towards doing it. Just have to try out running then riding then running again…maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Decide to dominate!

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