All those runs paid off this morning…when the dog attacked

I pretty much run every day…because I like to run. Today was the day that it paid off and probably saved me from what could have turned into a bad situation.

I was running an easy 5K this morning after a hard day on the legs yesterday. I was in the last 1/4 mile and zipping through the park toward my ending point. I naturally always pick up speed toward the end even though I said I wouldn’t today. Off in the distance I saw a gentleman walking his dog, he let him off the leash and threw the frisbee. While I thought it was cute watching the dog run after the frisbee it did go through my mind that we have a leash law and dogs shouldn’t be off lead…you probably see where this is going. I kept running and turned the corner for the last dash. To my surprise the dog dropped the frisbee and started to attack. Yes…I don’t use the word attack lightly. I slowed to hopefully take some fear away as maybe I spooked him. He was coming after me and it wasn’t to play…teeth were showing and he was mad. I sped up and hurdled the dog, he gave chase and I turned it up faster than I have ever run. The dog gave chase for about 50 yards and it was either the owner yelling and running after or the dog just decided to give up. I’m going with the dog giving up as it sounds better as a runner.

As a dog owner it’s tough when these situations happen. I never let my dogs off lead as it’s a law here in my city that you can’t. You never know what a dog will do and this morning I experienced the not so cute side first hand. Yes, I yelled back at the owner to leash his dog…he went on throwing the frisbee like nothing happened.

It truly did make for an interesting morning and once again I find a reason how running has changed my life.

Decide to dominate!


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