Race Day – A Great Day To Run

I don’t believe I’ve run on many, if any, better days than I got to run today in Westlake. I signed up last minute yesterday for the Celebrate Westlake 5 Mile Run and it was well worth it.

When you line up at the starting line and its hovering in the high 60’s you know you can do some damage to personal records. I’ve gotten my VO2 Max up to 52 ml/kg/min. To put that in perspective 42 is about average for my age and 53+ is superior. That’s the benefit of training in the heat and humidity. I was able to get around the course with an 8:47 average for five miles. I landed a personal record for a fastest mile of 8:20, which was in my finishing mile…I was very happy.

There was a mile of the course that was pure stone trail. I now realize I need to get faster there. I wasn’t very comfortable running on the stone and pulled back a bit to a 9:03 average.

I never expect to win these running only races so it’s all about pushing myself and having fun. I did take a peak at the standings and noticed I finished 15 in the 40-44 group, which was about right in the middle. I then looked at just 44 year olds, why not, and I was third. Made me feel good to know I was sticking with others my age.

Today was a blast because I’ve been training smart all year long.

Decide to dominate!

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