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Race Day – Cleveland Browns 5K…Woof Woof

There’s always something about this race and running in downtown Cleveland that gets me pumped. This year was even better as we got to finish on the field…running out of the tunnel into the stadium was amazing.

A brisk 54 degrees with a 13 mph wind made for a chilly start, but great running weather. I always debate how to start these Cleveland 5K’s…do I blast up the hill on East Ninth or take it easy. I did a bit of both this morning and rolled half and then turned it on during the last half. It was that second part of the first hill that set the tone for me. I covered the first mile in 8:45 and felt great. I covered the second mile in 8:12 and then blew the doors off (at least for me) in 7:58 for the final mile. Heading out of the tunnel into the stadium I was covering the last tenth of a mile in 5:59…blistering.

I attribute the strong run to greats like Couch, Quinn, Manziel, Weeden, Edwards, Richardson, Mingo, etc (wait…what?!?!) because these are the Ghosts of Browns Past that push me to be my best. We might be 0-5, but if you’re a true Browns fan you can see a corner is being turned. We have a future…there is hope, true hope for once. We are building a team not just a name or two that will fizzle out in a few games. That’s why I was so pumped entering that stadium today…it didn’t hurt that Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer started playing in my ear when I entered the tunnel…fitting for this team.

This team…this town…and everything that comes with it made for an amazing 5K today. I just realized when writing this that I missed my personal best 5K by 1.9 seconds. Just like the Browns…there’s always next year, but this time we mean it.

Time to get focused on the Tribe…big game today #RallyTogether!

Decide to dominate!