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2016 Cleveland Turkey Trot

From a running standpoint, there isn’t much better than getting out early on Thanksgiving morning with 3,000+ people to put in some miles. I enjoy the Cleveland Turkey Trot every year…it’s one of my favorite races.

I’ve been nursing a sore foot the past few weeks with plantar fasciitis so I’ve been changing up my workouts. More swimming and other forms of cardio with less back to back running. It’s been paying off on my training runs and did today also.

I was able to motor through the course with an 8:44 average…my fastest Turkey Trot. We also got to run the bridges in Cleveland, which is always fun because they are longer gradual inclines. I’ve trained on the bridges this year so I knew I could turn it up on those inclines.

I captured 67 out of 162 in my age group and 1,301 out of 3,663 overall.

I’m thankful for a lot of things. I have an amazing wife, wonderful kids, a great job, my health and so much more.  I’m very thankful I’m able to run…a few years ago that wasn’t true. Every day I get out on the road I’m thankful to be moving forward and away from those days of just sitting around on the couch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Run Day 260

25 mph wind and a feels like temperature of 23 degrees. There is a smile under there…I guarantee it.

Decide to dominate!