Monthly Archives: December 2016

Run Day 299 – 38 Day Run Streak

Finished out the year with another short run. Nothing special here other than just not racking up the miles like I usually do. Feeling fresh with these short two milers…learning as I go that I don’t have to always go further to be beneficial.

I’ve been running the loop in my subdivision, which is interesting because you’re always going to get the wind in your face and at your back at some point. Of course we’ve had 20 mph winds recently so figuring out when to go fast and when to push into the wind is fun. I kept my average in the 8’s, but it took a quicker second mile in the low 8’s as I was taking it too easy in the first mile.

Looking forward to my first miles in 2018 tomorrow.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 298 – Run Streak 37

Kept up my end of the year pattern and went short again today. Started out with my one mile brisk walk on the treadmill and then ventured outside. We got a dusting of snow this morning so it made for a slippery run in a few spots.

Went 2 miles and kept the average in the 8’s…so I was happy. My legs want to go further, but I’m not going to push it. Sticking to speed right now rather than distance. Focused on cruising in to 2017.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 297 – 36 day run streak

I took a different approach today. As part of my warm-up I actually warmed up…novel idea. I did my normal stretches and then jumped on the treadmill for a one mile brisk walk to get the blood flowing. I then headed outside for a short run.

I ran two miles and got my average into the 8’s. I felt really good, but I told myself I’d take it easy on mileage to end the year so I went short. The warm-up really helped…my plantar fasciitis didn’t bother me at all and I was able to start with a nice pace.

Yes, we runners get stuck in our heads we can just start cold or go long / fast every time, but the truth is we just need to think a bit more before we take off (at least I do). Let’s see if I can keep this up and make it a new habit or if I fall back into my old routine…hey I sense a resolution coming on.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 296 – 35 day run streak

Today was tough. Didn’t have it in me to go long or fast. I knew I could push through 5 miles and keep it somewhat respectable.

Going to focus on shorter distances the rest of the week. Already way up this week so no need to push it.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 295 – 34 day run streak

I went out for a quick 4 and felt good so I turned it into an easy 7. Maybe it was the lingering thoughts of running in shorts yesterday that inspired me to go long…no clue. I believe it was that I just like running so I kept running.

Pulled back at the end as I didn’t prep to go long. Left my fuel at home so focused on keeping the average in the mid-9’s. It was chilly, but felt good as I run better the cooler it is. It was also voyage number two for my second pair of Transcends…as always all well on that front as my Brooks took good care of me.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 294 – 33 day run streak

This morning was very nice. 50+ degrees on December 26 in Cleveland…clearly enough people in the area were on the nice list.

Headed out to put in some distance today. Went 7+ with a mid-9 minute average. The 25+ mph made me happy to just log the miles and not focus on speed. I dressed in a couple of layers and still pulled off two shirts midway through the run. Felt good to be back in shorts this late in the year.

Decide to dominate!

Run Day 293 – Happy Holidays

As I was about to head out I thought it would be good to grab up my running buddy. He decided we wouldn’t take it easy just because it was a holiday.

We motored through 4+ miles while dropping our average into the 8’s. I need to thank all the dogs, squirrels and birds out today for helping Jasper giddyup when they crossed our path.

Happy Holidays and Decide to Doninate!