Run Day 297 – 36 day run streak

I took a different approach today. As part of my warm-up I actually warmed up…novel idea. I did my normal stretches and then jumped on the treadmill for a one mile brisk walk to get the blood flowing. I then headed outside for a short run.

I ran two miles and got my average into the 8’s. I felt really good, but I told myself I’d take it easy on mileage to end the year so I went short. The warm-up really helped…my plantar fasciitis didn’t bother me at all and I was able to start with a nice pace.

Yes, we runners get stuck in our heads we can just start cold or go long / fast every time, but the truth is we just need to think a bit more before we take off (at least I do). Let’s see if I can keep this up and make it a new habit or if I fall back into my old routine…hey I sense a resolution coming on.

Decide to dominate!

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