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45 Day Run Streak

The past few days from a temperature standpoint have been brutal. The feel like temps have been -7 and -4, but still was able to get a few miles in each day. Today I focused on a 5K to get out of the cold quickly. I was able to keep the average in the low 9’s and that was impressive to me because both days have been slick with snow and ice.

The winter is already crazy with weather and it looks like it’s going to keep that up. Supposed to be in the 50’s a couple of days next week. Much better for running and anything else outside. Crazy to think in just under a week the temperature will have changed by almost 40+ degrees between runs.  I’ll take it.

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43 Day Run Streak

Got out early and got it done. It was chilly, but I threw on the thermals and headed out. During my treadmill warmup there was a dusting of snow…just enough to make it slick and to hide the black ice. I stayed upright and kept a good pace. I hammered out 4 miles at just over a 9 minute average.

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42 Day Run Streak

It was tough to get going this morning. Feel like temps in the 20’s and 25 mph winds that were bitter cold kept my run very short.

I did 2 miles and got the average into the 8’s. I’m enjoying these shorter runs to break up my weekly mileage.

From the weather report for the rest of this week it looks like I need to get used to running in the bitter cold. Bring…it…on!

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41 Day Run Streak

Kept the streak going this morning, but it wasn’t easy with pouring rain. The upside was it was 46 degrees so I sucked it up and got out there. Started out slow, but was able to make up some ground in the last mile. Finished my 5K with just over a 9 minute average.

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40 Day Run Streak

Why stop now? I completed the Runner’s World Run Streak yesterday, but I decided I’m not stopping. Let’s see how far we can extend this. Going to be smart and go short on rest days because I just flat out love to run.

A bit warmer today in the high 30’s. Ran one of my old routes and it felt good. Went 3.5 miles and kept the average in the 8’s.

Wearing the PRO Compression blues, but not feeling the blues at all. Got to #KeepItTight to keep these legs fresh.

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New Year’s Day 2017 – Goal Time

Finished out my 39 day run streak with a four mile run in the 8’s this morning. That means I ran every day from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. This was part of the annual Runner’s World Run Streak. Very happy I was able to get at least one mile per day over these 39 days and I didn’t go any one day with less than two miles.

2016 was a good year for me.  I didn’t hit 1,500 miles running or cycling, but I still beat my 2015 totals. I’m happy with this as I started focusing on duathlons so hitting 1,500 in both became difficult with rest and minor injuries. My Year In Sports sums it all up nicely.

My goals for 2017 are going to be simple (at least remembering them)…

  • 1,300 miles running (2016 did 1,360 miles)
  • 1,300 miles cycling (2016 did 1,216 miles)
  • Complete first sprint triathlon (2016 did two sprint duathlons)
  • Average in the 8’s running (2016 was 9:15)

Looking forward to what 2017 will bring as I hit the road. Hoping everyone has a happy and healthy 2017.  Happy New Year!

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