New Year’s Day 2017 – Goal Time

Finished out my 39 day run streak with a four mile run in the 8’s this morning. That means I ran every day from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. This was part of the annual Runner’s World Run Streak. Very happy I was able to get at least one mile per day over these 39 days and I didn’t go any one day with less than two miles.

2016 was a good year for me.  I didn’t hit 1,500 miles running or cycling, but I still beat my 2015 totals. I’m happy with this as I started focusing on duathlons so hitting 1,500 in both became difficult with rest and minor injuries. My Year In Sports sums it all up nicely.

My goals for 2017 are going to be simple (at least remembering them)…

  • 1,300 miles running (2016 did 1,360 miles)
  • 1,300 miles cycling (2016 did 1,216 miles)
  • Complete first sprint triathlon (2016 did two sprint duathlons)
  • Average in the 8’s running (2016 was 9:15)

Looking forward to what 2017 will bring as I hit the road. Hoping everyone has a happy and healthy 2017.  Happy New Year!

Decide to dominate!

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