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Sleep Isn’t Overrated 

After scoring a 10 mile personal record yesterday I was tired. My body was hungry for food and sleep. I tried to do some yard work, but just didn’t have it. I shut it down and retread to the easy chair.

I’ve been forcing myself to get more sleep. At one point I was averaging about 5-6 hours and things just weren’t right. My workouts weren’t good and I constantly felt tired. I’m now forcing myself to sleep more. Even pushing myself back to bed in the morning. I’m now getting between 7-8 hours and everything is better from my workouts to my overall prodictvity. 

Last night I got almost 10 hours of sleep. I woke up and was a bit sore, but felt refreshed. I jumped on the bike and hammered out 21 miles at a 17 mph pace. I then jumped on the treadmill and added another 3.5 miles to keep my run streak alive at 151 days. No way I’d have been able to do this today if I was still averaging 5-6 hours. 

It’s not easy to force myself back to sleep, but it’s needed. You can eat better and workout smarter, but if you don’t get enough sleep all your hard work goes down the drain. 

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I learned what it takes to be first and did it

Two weeks ago I competed in my first duathlon and came in second. After taking time to look at what I could do better it came down to my transitions.

I focused for two weeks on the running part of the duathlon. I knew if I could get my times down and then spend less time transitioning I should be able to do better. That’s what happened today. I won my group by over two minutes. It came down to both runs being solid and I cut three minutes off my transition.

It feels good to focus on what I could do better and just do it. I’ll probably never get an overall first for an entire race, but today showed me if I compete smart I can win. Maybe that overall first place can happen with a bit more focus!

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Nothing wrong with second place

I would have never thought a few years ago I’d be finishing second in a duathlon. 70 lbs lighter and a heck of a lot stronger I just did it. 

Proves that if you’re dedicated you can accomplish anything. I’m not done yet…I’ve got a lot more chapters to write in this book. 

This is what a second place finish in a duathlon looks like. 
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Sunday = 5K run / 12 mile ride / 5K run

Well…that was interesting. I did a 5K run / 12 mile ride / 5K run this morning. I wanted to see if I could handle it and honestly finish.

The good news is I finished and it wasn’t that hard (other than the spike in the humidity before my final run…given). The bad news is that it took me 1:41.33. It’s only bad as I was reviewing some of the times of last years duathlon that I’m thinking of doing. Let’s just say todays effort fits in nice in the 50-54 age group, but not the 40-44 group that I’m in. In fairness I’m only 9 minutes off of the pace. I know for sure I can shave a few minutes off my ride as I could have done an 18-20 average today. I’m also sure I can shave a few minutes on the first run. It clearly comes down to the final run and what I’d have left in the tank.

After this morning I’ve decided I’m going to do it. Let’s try this duathlon and see how it goes. I’ve got just over two weeks to get all of this figured out, but clearly I know I can finish after this morning. Now it all comes down to lowering some times to be competitive in my age group.

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June Fitness Recap

I was busy in June. I added cycling back into the mix once I got my bike together after the upgrade to Dura-Ace.

I ran 87 miles in June, which is a bit lower than normal months. I rode 384 miles on the bike. Clearly cycling took away from running, but I mixed in some nice two-a-days of running and riding.

I’m focused on getting to 100+ miles a week between running and riding. I like to be in around 20+ miles running and 80-100 miles riding. This mix has been working well for me and I feel some relief on my legs with a bit less pavement pounding.

I’ve also seen my step count go up with all this activity and I’m hovering near 180,000 to 200,000 steps a week. I’ve stopped tracking all my food and ironically my weight is dropping again. Clearly focusing on two sports and eating right is helping shed those pounds. If I could curb my snacking I’d be golden…working on that.

I’m very happy with June and looking forward to a strong July. I might even work in swimming…oh boy. I’m still on track for 1,500 miles running and 1,500 miles riding. I’m a bit behind on riding, but calling it a wash as my miles are going up quickly.

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Run Day 65 / Ride Day 1 – Fitbit Blaze Passes The Test

I couldn’t have asked for a better March morning to pound the pavement for a race. I watched my training closely this week. I built in a cross training day on Monday with no running. Then I ran three days and rested on Friday. I felt fresh this morning and was ready to run.

I finished the St Malachi Church Run with an 8:45 average for 5 miles. I was 87 out of 160 in my age group and for the second year in a row faster than the year before. The Fitbit Blaze did very well for its first race and it was alone on my arms with no backup watch. It’s been a long time since I’ve raced with just one watch.

I topped off the day with my first ride of the season. I thought it was warmer than it really was, but the wind out of the North was deceiving. I didn’t dress correctly so I only clipped off 12 miles. I was a bit slower with a 16.4 mph, but not complaining for my first ride. Again, the Fitbit Blaze did very well. I rode with only the Blaze and no Cateye or TomTom. I noticed it took the Blaze a few seconds to get up to the correct speed…it seems to build up to your speed, but it wasn’t a big deal once I got used to it.

A good day for the Blaze…and for me.

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Saturday run and ride –  doing double duty

I was looking into the Huntington Duathlon this morning…I got out of bed and off I went. I took it easy on the run as it was warm and my legs were a bit tight from an afternoon run the day before. I had a good amount left in the tank for the ride and instead of keeping it short I went my normal 20 mile loop.

Overall I was very happy with my results this morning in doing a double. I’m going to target doing this local duathlon so I can keep focused on running and riding together. The format is a 5K run / 12 mile ride / 5K run. I already know I can run then ride…the question is can I run again after the ride. I’m up for the challenge!

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