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226 day run streak…Cleveland Half Marathon

I’m very happy with today’s outcome. I shaved 3+ minutes off my PR and I never saw a 10 minute mile! There’s still work to do to get to 1:59:59…my Garmin had me at 2:00:41. I left it all out there and today’s run was rewarding for so many reasons.

I’ll be back for more with Team Fleet Feet and I guarantee I’ll find a way to shave off at least 42 seconds. I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of the training groups. Getting the encouragement during the training and cheering during the race today was amazing. I highly recommend that anyone that is looking for a training group you look at Fleet Feet first…such an amazing group of people.

I’ll take the rest of today easy and then back at it tomorrow.

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128 day run streak…and more

I got after it today. Woke up and got out the door on the Beargrease (fatbike). I found out today that snow is softer than pavement…I always knew that, but never really rode in snow before the past few months. I bailed a few miles in to the trail and laid there a few moments laughing as falling didn’t hurt…until the cold set in. It’s fun getting in winter miles preparing for the road bike season.

Of course I had to get in a few miles on running rest day. Jumped on the treadmill and logged an easy two. Followed that up by rounding out the morning workout with 25 minutes of HIIT keeping the heat rate at a 140 bpm average.

I’m focused on dropping 15-20 lbs to work on getting faster and hopefully finally break that 2 hour half marathon goal. Going to get back in to my routine that helped me drop 70 lbs and post my weight. My hope is that post it that it will keep me honest and motivated. I’m down 4 lbs since I started counting again…I’ll take it.

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Weigh in = 210.1

It’s like riding a bike

I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve had a busy few months doing stuff with the family, running, riding, etc. I got out of the habit of posting, but I am going to try to be better.

My company embarked on a weight loss challenge today. For the next 90 days we’ll be focused on being healthier. For some that will be easy and for others it might take more work. Being healthier is not all about the number on the scale…you can lose weight and still not be heathy. Heathy living takes into account lots of things like weight, what you eat, what you drink, if you smoke, etc. Wait…all those questions on a new patient intake form actually do mean something. My goal might be to focus on a number, but I won’t get to my heathy living unless I work on eating better. I have to consume more fruits and vegetables and less junk. I have to get back to what my body was taught to do years ago.

As I rode through the woods this morning it made me realize healthy living is like riding a bike. We learned the right way to do it and we will always know how to do it. We just have a way of going off the wrong path and need to remember to get back going in the right direction.

Yes, I’ve lost weight, but I still believe I’m on this constant journey of living a heathy life. My journey is far from over and for others it is just beginning. I can learn from others as they are better than me at some things and hopefully I can help out a few people with things I’ve learned along the way.

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June Fitness Recap

I was busy in June. I added cycling back into the mix once I got my bike together after the upgrade to Dura-Ace.

I ran 87 miles in June, which is a bit lower than normal months. I rode 384 miles on the bike. Clearly cycling took away from running, but I mixed in some nice two-a-days of running and riding.

I’m focused on getting to 100+ miles a week between running and riding. I like to be in around 20+ miles running and 80-100 miles riding. This mix has been working well for me and I feel some relief on my legs with a bit less pavement pounding.

I’ve also seen my step count go up with all this activity and I’m hovering near 180,000 to 200,000 steps a week. I’ve stopped tracking all my food and ironically my weight is dropping again. Clearly focusing on two sports and eating right is helping shed those pounds. If I could curb my snacking I’d be golden…working on that.

I’m very happy with June and looking forward to a strong July. I might even work in swimming…oh boy. I’m still on track for 1,500 miles running and 1,500 miles riding. I’m a bit behind on riding, but calling it a wash as my miles are going up quickly.

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Run Day 53

I fell on ice in the first mile. Picked myself up, brushed off the snow and ran on. I’m going to have a nice big bruise on my knee. I took it slow the rest of the way as there was a thin sheet of ice everywhere. No speed today…I lived to run another day.

The Fitbit Blaze did very well on its maiden voyage. I didn’t have an issue with the GPS running off my iPhone as I run with my phone in my Spibelt. I did have to update the Fitbit location settings to Always before the run, but no big deal. The screen was easy to read and scroll through during the run. Accuracy was good as my mile markers were dead on along with the overall distance. I hadn’t used the music settings on the Surge, but did today on the Blaze. They were very easy to access and use.

Today was the first day I ran with one watch in a long time. A bit early to be 100% sure, but the Blaze might have just pushed all my other tracking devices a bit further back in the drawer.

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My Fitbit Blaze Has Arrived

The moment I heard about the Blaze I ordered it. I’m a Fitbit addict. I already have the Surge, but a few things caught my eye during the launch…

  • Color screen
  • Thinner face
  • Alternate bands
  • Calendar alerts

Those were enough for me to take the plunge for the upgrade. Critics have said that’s not enough and it’s not a true smart watch because you can’t access apps…as a runner I believe this is enough for me.

So far I like the upgrades. Accessing things like notifications and music is easier. The responsive screen is nice…with just a flip of the wrist it turns on. I’m looking forward to testing the battery length as the longer charge will be nice.

I’ll put it through the paces tomorrow to see how it holds up on a run. I’ll let you know what I think after, but so far I’m liking the Blaze.

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It’s official…we have a winner in the war for my wrist

I wrote in a previous blog about my use of multiple devices that reside on my wrist to track multiple things. I noted that one was close to winning my wrist and that was the Fitbit Surge, but they wouldn’t get that award until they linked with Strava and tracked my cycling. Well…Fitbit has done it. They gave me cycling tracking and earlier this month linked to Strava.

I tested going with one watch all week. I ran a total of 5 times for 20 miles (including one race) and got in a 20 mile ride today. The Fitbit Surge gets a solid A in my book. I get all my usual metrics like steps and stairs (which are a must), but now I don’t have to throw on a new device to get everything else. The first sync with Strava had a hiccup after my first run, but once I connected again everything ran smoothly. All I have to do is open the Fitbit app after working out and the sync takes care of everything. It’s fast and accurate linking with Strava.

The cycling today worked very well. I got 20 miles in and the stats were dead on. I liked being able to swipe and see all my stats easily while riding (same with running). Again, the sync after riding was easy and everything happened when I entered the app.

Three things I’d like to see improved. When running I like getting alerts when I hit my mile marks with my average. The Surge doesn’t do this and the lap function won’t work for me as I’m not going to hit the button on every mile. Overall not a big issue as I can swipe to average. Just would be a nice add down the road. My biggest concern is battery life when using GPS. This is an issue with all the watches as they will only last so long. With a full battery both times I did a run and a ride. After an hour the battery was at 50%. For training this is fine, but I’m concerned what will happen during a half marathon or a duathlon. I’ll have to test during training to see how far I can push it. The last thing would be making it waterproof. I’m not a big swimmer, yet, but I see the day coming where I’ll be in the water more.

In my book the Surge wins for what I need right now. I still love my TomTom, but it is now sitting on my desk as a solid backup because I never have to take my Fitbit Surge off…other than to charge it.

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