185 Day Run Streak – Avon Eagle Run

A great day for a 5 miler at the Avon Eagle Run. I’ve always enjoyed this race as it’s an easy course through the subdivisions near the high school. It’s usually the late Spring heat and humidity that make it really interesting. This year was no different with 90% humidity at the start. 

Coming off the Cleveland Half and my week  and a half of head cold hell I finally felt good. Ran slower and shorter all week getting the legs back. I covered the course in 42:50 which put me in at an 8:34 average. I tied my fastest time for this run from two years ago. Very happy with today’s performance. 

Great job by the sponsors, volunteers supporters and the City of Avon to make this years Avon Eagle Run a huge success. 

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179 Day Run Streak – Cleveland Half Marathon

This was the largest race I’ve ever run in and I made sure I was prepared. I put in the miles and focused on the mechanics. I was ready to go and I was going for a personal record. Two factors I couldn’t control caused my plan to go off track…humidity and a head cold. It didn’t end the way I hoped, but it was fun.

I was shooting for a half below 2 hours, but I came in at 2:08. I held tough for the first 8 miles and had the goal in my grasp, but then the wheels came off. I couldn’t breath and nothing was helping so I slowed down. I so wanted to walk or even stop, but I found a pace that I could handle and just pushed through. 

In most races it seems you end up alone and just pushing your pace…not this race. The streets were lined with people cheering and I always had a group of runners around me. While I didn’t get the personal record I was looking for I still had a blast. The medal made it feel all better and I’ll go for that personal record again down the road. 

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Monthly Miles – April

I logged 128 miles in April. My average came in at 8:56. 

I had a few runs in NY and a ton of runs in Avon Lake this month. I also completed the Cleveland 10 Miler to get ready for the Cleveland Half in May. 

For the year I’ve logged 498 miles at an 8:56 average. I’m on target for my 1,300 miles with an average below 9. 
I’m also sporting a 158 day run streak. I’m very happy with April and how the year is shaping up. 

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Sleep Isn’t Overrated 

After scoring a 10 mile personal record yesterday I was tired. My body was hungry for food and sleep. I tried to do some yard work, but just didn’t have it. I shut it down and retread to the easy chair.

I’ve been forcing myself to get more sleep. At one point I was averaging about 5-6 hours and things just weren’t right. My workouts weren’t good and I constantly felt tired. I’m now forcing myself to sleep more. Even pushing myself back to bed in the morning. I’m now getting between 7-8 hours and everything is better from my workouts to my overall prodictvity. 

Last night I got almost 10 hours of sleep. I woke up and was a bit sore, but felt refreshed. I jumped on the bike and hammered out 21 miles at a 17 mph pace. I then jumped on the treadmill and added another 3.5 miles to keep my run streak alive at 151 days. No way I’d have been able to do this today if I was still averaging 5-6 hours. 

It’s not easy to force myself back to sleep, but it’s needed. You can eat better and workout smarter, but if you don’t get enough sleep all your hard work goes down the drain. 

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150 Day Run Streak – Cleveland 10 Miler

One of my favorites to run…today didn’t disappoint. I finished 39 out of 63 in my age group and 512 overall out of total of 1,321 runners. 

Chip time had me with a 9:05 average and Garmin had me at 9:09. I’ll take either time as that has me on track to break my 2 hour half-marathon goal. 

Only thing that went wrong is I missed the Team Fleet Feet photo at the beginning. 

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45 Day Run Streak

The past few days from a temperature standpoint have been brutal. The feel like temps have been -7 and -4, but still was able to get a few miles in each day. Today I focused on a 5K to get out of the cold quickly. I was able to keep the average in the low 9’s and that was impressive to me because both days have been slick with snow and ice.

The winter is already crazy with weather and it looks like it’s going to keep that up. Supposed to be in the 50’s a couple of days next week. Much better for running and anything else outside. Crazy to think in just under a week the temperature will have changed by almost 40+ degrees between runs.  I’ll take it.

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43 Day Run Streak

Got out early and got it done. It was chilly, but I threw on the thermals and headed out. During my treadmill warmup there was a dusting of snow…just enough to make it slick and to hide the black ice. I stayed upright and kept a good pace. I hammered out 4 miles at just over a 9 minute average.

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