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Saturday run – under 9 for 5

Now I’m getting a bit obsessed…I went out of my way to find a running segment on Strava so I could test myself. Not too shabby as I ended up 8th on the half mile stretch with a 8:08 average. I then had to keep running to get home so I tried not to blow it all out only halfway into my run.

I’m very happy with the output today as I went under the 9:00 minute average for the first time over a 5 mile distance. Check that off the running bucket list…8 minute averages here I come.

Decide to dominate!

Saturday run – kept on running

Went for a 5 mile run that turned into an 8.4 mile run. I got to that point where I could turn to go for 5 miles and I went straight. I was feeling good and wanted to see what I could do. I slowed my pace as I knew once I didn’t turn I was committed to 8+ miles. I ended up averaging 10:24 and I am happy with that since the distance was longer.

The run today was important for so many reasons. It was the longest run I have done. Before this I had only gone 6+ a few times. It also was a statement run in a week I went over 300 miles. I started running on August 6 and now have piled up 315 miles (same distance from Cleveland to Indianapolis). I also chose the road less traveled today. It would have been easy to turn left and take the shorter path, but I didn’t. Very happy with the run today and I look forward to building on it.

Decide to dominate!