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Run Streak Day 465

The search for pavement without ice on it is tough these days. Got to work early and ran the streets of Crocker Park before the shoppers showed up.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 464

4.7 miles on my 47th…1/10th a mile closer to home each year! Negative splits is a great way to start off the day.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 463…Cleveland Marathon Kickoff Run

Headed over to Fleet Feet Pepper Pike to lay down some miles with a bunch of great people.

It was chilly, but that didn’t stop us from going up and down the rolling hills of Pepper Pike.

I still need to decide if I’m going after a marathon or adding another half to the list.

Time will tell…decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 461…Brooks PureFlow7’s are fast!

I went out for two miles to try out my new Brooks PureFlow 7’s…they were so light, comfy and fast I just kept going. That was so quick I’m counting it as my Strava virtual 5K!

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 454

I’m usually a morning person when it comes to running, but I felt like sleeping in a bit today before getting the kids off to school.

Luckily I have a gym next to my office where I can change, run, shower and change again over the lunch hour so not to miss a beat at work.

Still dealing with the bumps and bruises from the trail runs in Phoenix so I went out slow and got negative splits by finishing strong.

Not used to running in day light during the cold months…I might need to do this more.

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 416

I doubled up again today with a run and then a ride. It was a wet and windy 5K. It is going to get colder later today and snow is coming…time to break out the sub-zero clothing.

It was nice to get back out on the fat bike and hammer out some miles on the tank. I like how my heart rate goes up much quicker on the fat bike 🙂

Decide to dominate!

Run Streak Day 415

Got my run and ride on today. After running in the hills of Tennessee for four days I’m happy to be back on flat ground. I was able to get it back into the 8’s for a solid 5K. The ride was spontaneous and I just felt like rolling through some miles. Windy going out, but nice coming back in.

Icing my ankle from the hill workouts while watching the Browns…yes, orange socks in support of my team.

Decide to dominate!